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With Sound of Soul
a technology is born where
you encounter yourself life in
sound and light/colour
based on the vibration of your heart

Sound of Soul
is a mirror,
where you encounter
in the Here an Now
in form of
sound and colour,
based on your
Heart Rate Variability

...connect yourself together
with another person simultaneously and
experience how two hearts communicate
in form of sound and colour-light in an
unique form of real coherence.

... record

your individual

and unique sounds

The sound of your heart

Sound of Soul translates body´s own vibrations into sound, light and colour

Frequecies of your Heart Rate Variability

You are playing the music, your heart, your vibrations within.

Hear and encounter yourself

New developed technology makes it possible in real time to transform your own vibration into music, colour and light

Sound of Soul by Aquaquinta

With Sound of Soul it is possible to translate the body’s own vibrations into sound, light and colour.

The sounds and colours you experience in the Here and Now are based on the continuously changing frequencies of your heart rate variability (HRV), which are converted by Sound of Soul into audible frequencies / sounds. A complex, newly developed technology, consisting of software and hardware allows real-time conversion of the body’s own vibration into music, color and light. You are making the music, your heart, your inner vibration.

You hear and experience yourself. You reflect yourself in form of sound and colour. A special spotlight is directly triggered by sounds of the Sound of Soul module. Thereby you experience simultaneously to the sounds the colours of your heart frequencies, based on the HRV.

Sound of Soul – experience you your own beauty in sound and color light

  • With Sound of Soul® you encounter in the Here and Now Your sound and color-light, reflecting your own unique beauty.
  • Use of Sound of Soul® is for individual balance, optimal performance and wellbeing.

Many various possibilities

  • Encounter in the Here and Now Your sound and color-light, reflecting your own unique beauty.
  • Connect yourself together with another person simultaneously and experience how two hearts react and communicate in form of music and color-light resulting in a unique encounter of real coherence.
  • Save on memory stick or CD your own sounds, which are recorded automatically by the Sound of Soul software.
  • Determine by your self, which instrument / sound is addressed by the HRV (Heart Rate Variability).
  • Understand and demonstrate how thoughts/focus/fear or attention and joy have an influence on the heart and its variability.
  • Experience life your color-light:
    …generated through the dominant sound per pulse cycle (sounds are octavated into the color-light spectrum).
    …regulated by the breathing cycle (Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia / RSA). (In this option you can apply given or own defined color light spectra).
    …use both forms in combination for one or two persons.
  • Edit, examine, summarize and compare the automatically recorded HRV Data.
  • Experience LIFE how relaxation, music and light can have a positive effect on your HRV.
  • The Sound of Soul software is able to show the changes of ones HRV in real time, making life monitoring possible.
  • Remote control Sound of Soul from an iPad/iPhone, while data are automatically saved on the main computer.

How to become a Sound of Soul Operator

The Sound of Soul software/module records automatically and accurate HRV. You can edit, examine, summarize and compare HRV data and print accurate client reports.

Learn during an individual teaching class handling, implementation and principle of Sound of Soul and its countless forms of application. You learn further how to conduct a good HRV recording and how to evaluate/handle HRV data appropriately.

To realise the idea of Sound of Soul different software and hardware components are required.

Sound of Soul Operator

Sound of Soul is implemented in many different working fields and for private use.

…simply by people who are open minded to encounter and work with the humans own beauty and its wonderful ability of self regulation.

Since its launch 2011 Sound of Soul has already found friends in over 20 countries.


23. -25. February

Athens / Greece 

13 April Frequencies Congress

Ascona / Switzerland

18. – 21. April 

Kloster Banz, Bad Staffelstein / Germany

 1. Interdisziplinärer Kongress

Wasser – eine ganzheitliche Betrachtung

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